CANSail Instruction Panel

Canada's Learn to Sail Programming is being regulated and developed by the CANSail Instruction Panel. This panel of 4-6 experts is appointed by Sail Canada on a regional basis and reports to Sail Canada's Training and Certification Committee.  This group is responsible for the appropriate development of Learn-to Sail programs and CANSail Instructor training programming in alignment with contexts in the National Coaching Certification Program's Instruction Stream. The CANSail Instruction Panel is supported by a programming advisory made up of Sail Canada High Performance Staff and systems established by the Coaches' Association of Canada (CAC).


The CANSail Instruction Panel

Established September 2012


 Jen Braem (BC)


 David Telles-Langdon (MB)

Former chair of Sail Canada's Learn-to-Sail Commitee, and level 5 sailing coach with the original NCCP, David brings a wealth of expertise in Instructor training to this Panel.  He is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Applied Health at the Univeristy of Winnipeg, the Director of the National Coaching Institute (NCI) in Manitoba, and a Chartered Professional Coach (Ch.P.C.). David was past Coach to the Canadian Sailing Team (Soling) and Provincial Sailing Teams in Ontario, Manitoba & BC, and a Sail Canada Official in Judging and Race Management. He has served on two Advisories to Federal Ministry - the Panel on Healthy Children and Youth, the Panel for the Children's Fitness Tax Credit. 


 Jason Hearst (ON)

A Sail Canada Learning Facilitator, Jason is presently an avid match racer and former member of the Canadian Youth Sailing Team. When not sailing, Jason is an aerospace engineer. He is excited to be contributing to this panel with his sailor training, athlete coaching, and racing experince, and his theoretical knowledge.


Lennie Liscio (QC)


Lesley Taylor (NS)


Ryan Kelly (DND-Sea Cadets)


Meeting Minutes

December 1 2014

October 27 2013 - Instructor Programming

October 26 2013 - Sailor Programming

September 24 2013

April 9 2013

October 26 2012

September 24 2012 




CANSail Program Feedback Summary 2012 - This document summarizes the feedback received from a survey conducted in September 2012, the feedback was reviewed and compiled by the CANSail Panel.


Proposal - Professional Development model for Instructors and Coaches - Panel referred to this document to initiate plans for Advancement programming for Instructors (Meeting of October 26th 2012).

Roles & Responsibilities of CANSail Instruction Panel:
o    Receive direction and support from Sail Canada's Training & Certification Committee
o    Report to Sail Canada's Training & Certification Committee
o    Meet (possibly virtually by Skype)  4 or more times per year - utilizing agendas and providing minutes
o    Meet annually at Sail Canada AGM & Conference to carry out Programs Review / and formulate a work plan for future program Updates / Development.
o    Deliver an annual report at the Sail Canada AGM & Conference (submitted in advance to the TCC)
o    Assist in the Delivery of the annual CANSail Training Symposium as directed by the TCC
o    Assemble a special committee to select MLFs and Expert Contributors for the national Technical CANSail Learning Facilitator Clinic (1 or more every 2 years) IAW the TCC Approved LF Clinic Staffing Standards Document.
o    Select the location for the national Technical CANSail Learning Facilitator Clinic (1 or more every 2 years)
o    Develop an annual Education package on CANSail Changes/Updates for Learning Facilitators to be made available at the Sail Canada AGM & Conference
o    Screen LF/Evaluator applications to be MLF’s to ensure that each province has sufficient access to Master Evaluators - on an as needed basis
o    Select qualified senior LFs to attend NCCP MLF training sessions through an application process to Sail Canada
o    Receive and review feedback on programming and delivery from MLFs, LFs, Instructor candidates, and LF candidates
Terms of appointment of the CANSail Panel members:
o    Half of the Panel members will be renewed every two (2) years
o    Panel appointments are for four (4) years
o    If, for any reason, a Panel member is unable to complete his or her term, a call will be made for a new Panel member that represents the same interest party.  This new Panel member will complete the balance of the original appointment term, i.e. they may or may not sit on the Panel for a full four (4) years.
o    Appointment / re-appointment by Sail Canada's Training & Certification Committee
During term, members of the Panel must declare any conflicts of interest as it is expected that their actions on this Panel will have them acting entirely for the benefit of the national system.
Members of the CANSail Instruction Panel are:
o    Experienced Learning Facilitators and / or Instructors of Learn to Sail Programming;
o    Committed to the national initiatives and objectives of Sail Canada, following the Long Term Sailor Development model through the CANSail program and in association with the Coaching Association of Canada and Sport Canada
o    Willing and available to attend the CANSail Training Symposium at Sail Canada AGM & Conference
o    Willing and available to carry out the roles and responsibilities of the panel