The 2001 ISAF Regulations originally came into effect on January 1, 2001. At the 2001 ISAF Mid-Year Meeting, 5-6 May, changes were approved to the ISAF Eligibility Code and the Code concerning Misconduct of ISAF Representatives, which came into immediate effect. In addition, the entire Regulations were reformatted and re-ordered for easier use.

Contact info for Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport is This site is very important for all athletes to review in order to ensure medicine, supplements etc... taken into the body are legal in the sporting world. If in doubt, please contact the CYA office

Sail Canada endorses the principles of the Canadian Policy against Doping in Sport 2011.  It is incumbent on every sailor/athlete to be aware of this policy and to understand the consequences.
Athletes are subject to in-competition and out of competition testing, depending on their status.  Sail Canada supports the measures taken by Sport Canada and its agents and ISAF and its agents in the fight against doping in sport.

For information regarding ISAF’s current anti-doping regulations, please visit

2007 Prohibited Substances List: