CANSail Dinghy Programming

CANSail Dinghy Progamming at Sailing Schools across Canada!

2012 marked the launch of updated national standards for Canada's Learn to Sail Dinghy programming. Sail Canada's CANSail dinghy standards and program support systems offer the best parts of the CYA's "traditional " White / Bronze / Learn-to-Race / Silver / Gold program with an updated progressive pathway to learn and develop in fundamental dinghy sailboat handling skills, and sets the foundation for athlete and sailor-leadership development regardless of type of dinghy being used (single handed or double handed).

CANSail programming means lots of time on the water in a safe, fun and active learning environment, with relatively less time spent in a classroom. Sailors learn the skills and enter into fun and challenging experiences suited to their age and stage of development. The programming is designed to get - and keep - sailors excited about sailing for life! 6 CANSail levels of standard promotes teaching and prgressive training of core dinghy sailing skills.

Which CANSail level should my sailor be in this year?
How do the CANSail levels line up with Sail Canada traditional levels?
Look for CANSail Instructors!  
Any Sail Canada (CYA)  Instructor or Coach has the opportunity to be CANSail trained in order to hold CANSail accreditation, and - as long as regsitered with Sail Canada for the year - eligble to access the tools to support them to teach the CANSail progam and to evaluate sailors to CANSail standards. Any Instructor or Coach seeking the training to become CANSail accredited should check with their Provincial Sailing Association. 

Instructors trained at CANSail cliniics in 2012 and afternare CANSail accredited and simply need to be sure to REGISTER with Sail Canada for the given year to access teaching tools in their CANSail profile.
Any registered Sail Canada (CYA) Instructor whose certification is currently valid remains eligible to teach and evaluate the Sail Canada (CYA) traditional programming. Re-certification processes for these Instructors will include being CANSail trained.
Look for Recognized CANSail Training Sites!
A recognized CANSail Training Centre has CANSail Instructors on staff, and is registered with their Provincial Sailing Association to receive delivery-support services and resources. Be sure to look for certified Sail Canada Instructors at your Sailing School!
Checklick offers helpful services to CANSail Instructors and Recognized CANSail Training Centre Schools!
- Electronic CANSail Checklists for CANSail Instructors
- CANSail Progress Reports for each of the sailors registered in the program
- CANSail certificates for each sailor achieving full standard
- Other online support services such as Online learn-to-sail program registration

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The CANSail Dinghy standards and program delivery support systems have been developed to meet objectives of Sail Canada and Provincial partners in implementing the :Long Term Sailor Development Framework (LTSD). The CANSail levels 1-6 correlate with the first four stages of development in the LTSD, with skills-learning and experiences meeting the objectives of the developmental stage.
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CANSail Training Pathway

A backgrounder on the development of Sailing's LTSD:

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Long Term Athlete Development Resources:


Youth Code of Conduct

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High School Sailing

Sailing is a fabulous life long sport that not only caters to all ages, but all skills, abilities and mindsets. Introducing sailing to school students will increase students' awareness of an excellent option for physical activity available to them for the rest of their lives.

Sport leaders are encouraged to contact your local yacht or sailing clubs or your Provincial Sailing Association to explore possibilities of offering students the experience of trying out the great sport of sailing.

Keen parents, students and teachers are encouraged to check out what the Central Okanagan Sailing Association School Program (PDF) has done to integrate sailing into the Canadian public school system.

Currently, there is a very active high school program in the United States which Canadians schools are welcome to join. For more information, please go to