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April 2008 Newsletter of the Women Sailors' Association

From the CYA Women's Committee

Women’s Sailing Highlight Events & Proposed Objectives for 2007:

  • Provinces can apply for funding for their Women’s programs by applying to have it as a Women’s Highlight event
  • CYA Women’s Committee will commit to highlight events in each region (west, central, east). We will do our best distribute the limited allotted funds throughout country.
  • These Highlight events will include the existing Speaker Series program.
  • If your speaker series does not get named a Women’s Highlight event we encourage you to contact your Provincial Association to see if they will help support your event.
  • In order for your event to be named a women’s highlight event it must fall under one of the Women’s Committee initiatives for 2006/2007. They are as follows:
  1. Training Camp for athletes and coaches
  2. A speaker at an event (replacing full speaker series)
  3. Mentoring opportunity for younger sailing community members to work with a mentor in their area (can be an athlete-athlete, coach-coach, athlete-coach, athlete-official, official-official etc..)
  4. The Women’s Keelboat Championship gets automatic recognition as a Women’s highlight event and will be counted under whichever region it occurs for that year.
  5. Other similar special event to be presented to the Women’s Committee for approval.

Womens' Sailing Initiatives supported in 2006

Mondays in
June and July
Calgary Yacht Club's Women's Program
Calgary, AB
Summer 2006
Women's Sailing Instruction Clinics
Summer 2006
Women's Keelboat Instruction Course
Femmes de
vent, QC
July 27-29
Royal Victoria YC Women's Regatta
Victoria, BC


2006 Female Coach Initiative:

The CYA Womens' Committee supported Female Coachng for the Canadian Team at the 2006 Optimist Dinghy European Championships.

History of the CYA Women in Wind Campaign

On June 28, 2003 at the Armdale Yacht Club in Halifax NS, Christine Searle, Chair of the CYA's Womens Committee launched a national awareness campaign designed to help increase the participation of women in sailing.

Currently, less than 30% of Canada's competitive sailors are female and only 15% are coaches and officials. Yet 50% of those participating in Learn to Sail programs are female. The "Women in Wind" presentation aims to increase the participation of women and girls to participate in the lifelong sport of sailing. The presentation provides information and examples of how women of all ages and interests can get involved in sailing. The New and Improved Women in Wind Presentation, Updated January 2005 is now available. Please check the PDF Version. Please also check out Appendix 1- Organization of sailing in Powerpoint and Appendix 1- Organization of sailing in PDF and Appendix 2-Ottawa Women's Sailing Association Case Study in Powerpoint and Appendix 2-Ottawa Women's Sailing Association Case Study in PDF.

Each year, women sailors, coaches and race officials from across the country are encouraged to attend and help organize "Women in Wind" seminars, camps and clinics. The goal of any "Women and Wind" initiative is to increase the numbers of girls and women involved with the sport of sailing.

The CYA "Women In Wind" Program is a well recognized initiative, most recently featured in the new ACTive Canadian Strategy and Action Blueprint. This project was spearheaded by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport, also known as CAAWS.

In the fall of 2002, the CYA Women's Committee prepared a planning and evaluation template for the Women and Wind Program (PDF)

CYA Women and Wind Description

Some examples of events granted assistance &/or funding via the "Women in Wind" initiatives in the past include:

  • Race clinics for youth sailors as well as the "young at heart" in all boat types.
  • Race Management, Umpiring and Judging clinics.
  • Financial assistance given to women pursuing goals in measurement, coaching and as officials.
  • Guest speakers at seminars, clinics and camps.

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