ISAF Event Grading & International Event Calendar

Does an event your club or class is planning to run in 2014 or 2015 qualify for ISAF International Grading? Perhaps your event qualifies for listing on the International Calendar? Applications for listing on ISAF calendar and Requests for ISAF Grading are to be submitted to Sail Canada for endorsement. Use this table for more information:


Fleet Race Event

Match Race Event

Grading Criteria

Fleet ISAF Grade Criteria

Match ISAF Rank Criteria

Calculating Grade

Fleet ISAF Grade Calculation

Match ISAF Rank Calculation

 Grade / Rank Request Forms

Fleet ISAF Grade Request Form

Match ISAF Rank Request Form

Due to Sail Canada by

July 20 2013 (for events in 2014) / July 20 2014 (for events in 2015)

5 months prior to event