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September 2008

The 2008 CYA Annual General Meeting

The meeting will be in Kingston, Ontario at the Confederation Place Hotel on Saturday, October 25th, 2008 at 2:00pm. AGM registration will commence at 1:30pm on the 25th.

Voting privileges at the CYA AGM will be determined in accordance with CYA Bylaw 8.10 b) The number of members of a club shall be established and certified by the Executive Director from the last membership report issued prior to eight weeks before the meeting.  Where members' names are not supplied by the member organizations, the number of votes will be determined by dividing the aggregate of the fees paid by the annual fee payable for one member rounded off to the nearest whole number.

Based on CYA Bylaw 8.10b), all membership payments received by the CYA Executive Director at the CYA office on or before September 2nd , 2008 will be counted to establish voting rights at the CYA AGM.

Further information regarding the 2008 AGM will be circulated as available.

Please contact Genevieve Manning with any questions.

The 2008 CYA Annual Rolex Awards Banquet

The Banquet will be held at the Kingston Yacht Club on Saturday, October 25th, 2008. The banquet reception will commence at 6:30pm followed by dinner and awards presentation at 7:30pm. The Annual Rolex Awards Banquet honours Canada’s top sailors and sailing contributors. Contact Genevieve Manning for ticket information. 

Nominations for the 2008 CYA Awards

This is your chance to nominate outstanding coaches, athletes, race officials and volunteers that have contributed to the sport over the past year. All nomination forms are due at the CYA office by September 15th, 2008 so download the necessary forms today!

All the CYA Awards info can be found at

Olympic Games Report

The Canadian Olympic Sailing Team has safely returned back to their home shores, with a once in a lifetime experience behind them. Capably led by Evert Bastet, the team endured heat, humidity, smog, algae, high winds and no winds, to perform on the world stage. Early wins, late challenges and unfortunate wind shifts punctuated the entire sailing event. Yet, in the end, Canadian sailors did their best with a never say it’s over approach.

High Performance Director & Head Coach, Ken Dool kept all of us fully informed of each day’s conditions and our team successes (or challenges). CBC’s bold network provided live (and replay) coverage each and every day of the sailing compeitions, complete with commentary from our own Fiona Kidd. There was simply no excuse to be uninformed on a daily basis.

However, for those who did miss it, the results are as follows:

Finn -Chris Cook demonstrated his abilities to compete consistently against a pair of high caliber contenders. Ultimately placing 5th Chris held his own in what was the penultimate test, under some amazing conditions.

Yngling –Late comers to join the team, Jen Provan, Martha Henderson and Katie Abbot gave it their very best, all the way to the end. In a series of races where the points separating them from the medal round could be counted on one hand, the team fought to the finish. The team registered a 13th place standing.

49’er –Ben Remocker and Gord Cook fought a vigorous battle, but were subject to fickle and challenging conditions, as well as frequent postponements. Ultimately the team narrowly missed the chance to sail in the medal race, finishing 14th overall.

470 –Stephane Locas and Oliver Bone experienced their dream come true: sailing amongst their international peers, representing their country proudly. Ultimately, the duo did not get into the medal round, and finished the competition in 29th place.

Laser –Mike Leigh fought back from an early struggle to rack up a set of highly respectable finishes, placing consecutive fifth, fourth, third and second place finishes leading up to the medal race. Wrapping up a solid ninth place finish for the event illustrated Mike’s outstanding skills and abilities, especially as a first time Olympic competitor.

Laser Radial – Lisa Ross showed great determination, putting up several top ten finishes, but tricky wind shifts and strong currents held this contender from securing a spot in the elusive medal race. Lisa wrapped up the games with a 17th place finish.

RS:X Men –Like all his peers, Zachary Plavsic fought a strong fight, ultimately finishing in the 23rd spot. As a first time Olympic competitor, and under such trying conditions, Zac certainly displayed grit and talent.

RS:X Women – Nikola Girke demonstrated skill and agility, combined with patience to achieve a 17th place finish. Qingdao presented trying conditions for all, but was perhaps the most trying –and exhausting, for all the RS:X competitors.

Tornado – Oscar Johansson and Kevin Stittle came to these games to prove their mettle…and they succeeded. This dynamic duo grasped several top scores, setting themselves up for a tight medal race. Then, under near perfect conditions the team achieved a second place finish, only to be edged off the podiums by Argentina, forcing them to settle in fourth place.

Behind the scenes, National Team and support coaches worked tirelessly, to ensure that the team was equipped and ready for whatever action they were to face. Congratulations to Evert Bastet, Ken Dool, Tommy Wharton, Kevin Black, Rob Fox, Lea Sitja, Jason Rohdes and Bill Abbott for leading such a successful team. Back at home, the National office staff proudly served and supported everyone one China, including many athlete family members. Even though the medals didn’t come through this time, the final standings speak for the skill and expertise of a great team.

And now, as this message is being written, our Paralympic squad is readying to take to the waters, hoping to repeat history and bring home some medals of their own. To all the Olympic and Paralympic team members; for all your collective successes and accomplishments, and for having the determination to achieve Olympic status, CYA congratulates you! 

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