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ISAF Offshore Personal Survival

In 2003, ISAF introduced a standard basic syllabus for the training of safety courses in order to establish an International recognised qualification. The training requirements form part of the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations. These courses are run and established by ISAF Member National Authorities (MNA) and conform to ISAF minimum standards.

The following is a list of Sail Canada-approved ISAF Offshore Personal Survival course providers:


BC Sailing, Offshore Personal Survival Course

BC Sailing is now offering Offshore Personal Survival Course for experienced sailors who are participating in distance and offshore races and passages. The course includes classroom and practical sessions. Topics covered include safety equipment, storm sails, weather forecasts, heavy weather, man overboard, emergency signals and communications. Practical sessions include inflating and using lifejackets and life rafts in a pool environment. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a Sail Canada-ISAF Approved Offshore Personal Survival Course certificate, valid for five years.

Contact BC Sailing for more information:

_, ISAF Offshore Safety & Sea Survival Course

L’entrainement de survie au large des côtes et en mer Sail Canada-ISAF est maintenant disponible selon un format mobile qui se déplace à travers le pays.  Plus de renseignements sont disponibles à