Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Every four years, the Racing Rules of Sailing change. The new rules now apply. The 2013 Racing Rules & Tactics Seminar covers the rules (new and old) and related tactics. 

What You Will Learn

You can't play the game if you don't know the rules.

The Rules & Tactics Seminar is a full day course that teaches all the rules (not just the new ones) and their underlying principles. You’ll see how the rules work and understand how to resolve the conflicts and transitions between the rules as positions change. We’ll go all the way around the course,  teaching the rules in the way you use them – not by the numbers, but through situations on each leg of the course. You will learn to recognize situations and understand which rules apply. 

But that is not all. The rules shape and control tactics. The Rules Seminar teaches how to position your boat to make use of the rules. You learn positions that allow you to control the game, and how to avoid positions that leave you vulnerable to attack. You’ll also learn the critical difference between right-of-way and control. 


Included with the course is the NEW Racing Rules & Tactics Workbook prepared by Dave Perry and Bill Gladstone. 

Seminar Schedule

Saturdays, 9am-4:30pm

Vancouver BC                        Feb 16

Chestermere AB                     Feb 23

Nanaimo BC                           March 9

Ottawa ON                               April 6

Toronto ON                             April 13

Montreal QC                           April 20

Saint John NB                       April 27


Sunday, 9am-4:30pm

Halifax NS                  April 28

Webinars on Weekday Evenings

In addition to the full day seminar schedule the course will be offered three times as an on-line Webinar.  Each Webinar course will be taught in two three hour weekday evening sessions.  Visit for dates and details.

Top Instructors

Of course, the seminar is only as good as the teachers. This series will be lead by racing champions and veteran instructors, including Geoff Moore, Andrew Kerr, and Dave Perry.   


Schedule & Registration at

Purchase your 2013-2016 copy of the Sail Canada Racing Rules of sailing here.


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