Friday, September 30, 2011


The Canadian Yachting Association Nominating Committee has announced the final list of candidates for the Board of Directors to be elected at the CYA Annual General Meeting on Saturday, October 29, 2011.
The Board of Directors comprises of the President, six Directors at Large and two Athlete Directors.
The current Board of Directors and candidates for election at the 2011 AGM are as follows:
Please click on the names of each of the candidates for a brief biography.

Current Board of Directors
(year term expires; term number)
Gerry Giffin (’11; 2nd term) – NS
 Alan Lombard – QC
Directors at Large
Alan Lombard (’11; 1st term) – QC
Gillian Thomson (’11; 1st term) – BC
Christine Searle (’12; 1st term) – ON
John Kerr (’12; 1st term) – ON
Todd Irving (’13; 2nd term) – ON
Kevin Stewart (’13; 2nd term) – MB
Kai Bjorn – QC
Athlete Directors*
Richard Clarke – BC
vacant position

*The Directors of the Association who serve as the two Athlete Directors shall be elected by all currently carded Canadian Sailing Team Athletes in a process to be determined by these athletes.
The President is elected in odd years for a two-year term and may not serve more than two (2) two-year terms in succession. Directors at Large are elected for a three-year term and may not serve more than two (2) three-year terms in succession. Two (2) Directors at Large are elected each year.
The 2011 CYA Annual General Meeting will mark the end of the second two year term of the President and the end of the first three year term of two Director at large positions on the Board of Directors.
The incoming Board of Directors will be decided by means of a vote by the membership at the 2011 CYA Annual General Meeting.
The 2011 CYA Annual General Meeting will be held in Kingston, Ontario at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour on Saturday, October 29, 2011.

Any Member entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting shall be entitled to appoint, in writing, a proxy to attend the meeting on that Member's behalf and to exercise all voting rights. Please see the Bylaws of the Association for detailed membership and voting information.