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Volunteer Expense Policy

1. Air Travel

Original receipts and boarding pass required.

2. Train, Bus, Ferry, Taxi Travel

Original receipts required. Will not reimburse for taxi fares if unreasonable amount.

3. Travel By Private Car

Allowance of $ .36 per kilometer reimbursed, up to a maximum of the most economical airfare available.

4. Hotel Accommodation

Up to a maximum of $60 per day will be reimbursed. Original hotel receipt necessary (credit card receipts are not acceptable).

5. Meals

All Claims for meals must be supported with receipts up to a maximum daily allowance of $50.00 on the basis of:


6. Phone calls

An expense claim for phone calls may be submitted by members of the Board of Directors and Committee Chair-people only and only up to their budgeted amount. Committee members may request assistance through their Committee Chairperson for special projects, again only up to the Committee's budgeted amount. 

Volunteer Expense Form