Don Terlson

Class: Sonar


Don has accepted a philosophy that says ‘sometimes you have to take a step back to take 2 steps forward’. His ‘step back’ was a motorcycle accident that happened when he was a teenager. This accident left him with a paralysed left arm, but a new appreciation for life.

Soon after the accident he started taking on new challenges; a 17 month adventure touring around the world, giving him a glimpse into a world of possibilities. Then an 8,300 km bicycle tour across Canada gave him the confidence to tackle the world of sports.

Don started running marathons (33 to date), then triathlons (completed 6 Ironmans and received 2 silver medals at the World’s in Olympic distance), and tried bicycle racing (won the Canadian time trial in Hamilton in 2003).

Next, he pursued sailing. Introduced to the sport in 1999, he joined a team in 2005 to aggressively train to qualify for the 2008 Paralympics in China. The team has been honing its skills at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club and travelling to regattas around the world to get the competition needed to advance to the next level.

Unlike his previous sporting background in individual sports, working as part of a crew on a Sonar brings new challenges requiring patience, understanding, teamwork, and most of all, communication.