Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Home Page of the Water Rats Sailing Club brings to our attention the passing of a long time legend in the Laser Class. Heinz Gebauer was a dedicated Champion of the Class and one who never held back in offering advice or giving assistance to young sailors. As a Race Official it was always wonderful to have Heinz on board at any event. He offered good advice and counsel but his enthusiasm for his sport spilled over and infected everyone around him. His smiling face and the energy he exuded raised the level of enjoyment for all around him.

In the attached picture he is wearing one of PCYC's Four Sisters Regatta shirts an event he helped bring about and supported by involving the local Laser Fleet in it. He was instrumental in getting the Laser Masters involved in all events and was himself a World Masters Champion.
At CORK in Kingston he was always willing to pitch in and help with organizing the event and I will always remember him measuring the sails in the Measurement Hall and dictating that they were not properly placed and then giving help to get them put on correctly.

My sympathy goes out to Elizabeth Lee with the prayer that his memory will live on in the lives of all he touched. He will be missed.
Regards, Patrick Lymburner

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