Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photo: QC's Christine Lavallée pinches to hold the lane above SK's Joe Gerlinsky in 2.4mR race
While Nova Scotia’s Sibiohan Macdonald shone today as she came from behind into contention, the highlight of Day 4 is the final leg of the final race of the Games for the Para 2.4mR fleet! Ontario’s Aaron Wong-Sing rounded the last mark sitting in second place, but Saskatchewan’s Joe Gerlinsky was close behind making the moves to pass in time for the finish to take the silver! Quebec’s Christine Lavallée held onto her top performances at these Games to take the gold medal! 


Other fleet highlights -
4 races brought shake ups to the 29er fleets today! Ontario’s Female 29er team ofKatherine McEwen & Linor Berezin jumped up the standings with 3 wins, while Nova Scotia’s Gregory Simms & Devan Dube sailed stellar finishes:  1-1-2-2!
Who gets a medal and what colour it will be is anyone’s guess for Laser Male andRadial Female fleets going into the final race of the Games tomorrow:
  • Lasers - Alberta’s Nicolas Hamel and Ontario’s Ian Hill are tied in 3rd; BC’s Max Gallant sits in the top by only 1 point ahead of New Brunswick’s Fraser Wells! Wells sailed strong today winning 2 of the 3 races.
  • Radials - Ontario’s Bronwyn Richardson sits 4th behind Quebec’s Rebecca Abelson by only 2 points.
2.4mR Mixed Para racing is complete. Single and double handed fleets race one more each tomorrow to conclude the 2013 Games event. Here are today’s standings: 
2.4mR Mixed - FINAL
  1. QC – Christine Lavallée (F)
  2. SK – Joe Gerlinsky (M)
  3. ON – Aaron Wong-Sing (M)
29er Male
  1. BC – Ryan Wood & Lloyd Lyall
  2. ON – Jean-Matthieu Bolland & Benjamin Strickland
  3. NS - Gregory Simms & Devan Dube
29er Female
  1. ON – Katherine McEwen & Linor Berezin
  2. QC – Florence Pépin-Delhaes & Virginie Lavallée-Corbeill
  3. BC – Madison Innes & Sophie Papp
Laser Male
  1. BC – Max Gallant
  2. NB – Fraser Wells
  3. AB – Nicolas Hamel
Radial Female
  1. BC – Natalia Montemayor
  2. NS – Corinne Peters
  3. QC – Rebecca Abelson