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CWF and Canadian Yachting Association recognize common interests:
Partnership Launched for Aquatic Stewardship
Jan. 16, 2012 – The Canadian Wildlife Federation and Canadian Yachting Association have signed a Memorandum of Understanding recognizing their shared interest in the health of lakes and oceans and the special connection sailors have to habitats and wildlife.
“This is a watershed moment for aquatic stewardship and I’m honoured to sit at the helm with the Canadian Yachting Association,” said Wade Luzny, CEO-Executive Vice President of the Canadian Wildlife Federation. “By participating in sailing events, conducting public lectures, creating an online community of sailors, and supporting water education ambassadors, CWF and its partners inspire experiential learning about responsible boating and racing, marine and fresh water wildlife in distress, environmental hazards, aquatic wildlife and best practices.”
 “CYA and CWF have several commonly held goals and objectives,” said Paddy Boyd, Executive Director  of the Canadian Yachting Association. “By partnering on wildlife, environmental and conservation leadership, we will achieve a greater capacity for public education.”
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Founded in 1931, the Canadian Yachting Association is the National Sports Organisation (NSO) for the sport of sailing in Canada. CYA’s main activities are training, high performance and regulation of the sport. CYA is a federation of clubs and organisations throughout Canada, partnering in the appropriate development and management of the sport of sailing and associated activities. CYA’s mission is to be a world class sporting organization – developing sailing to its full potential in Canada. For more information visit
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