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Transport Canada issued Boating Safety tests valid for the period beginning January 1, 2014 and ending December 31st 2015 are available for order by Sail Canada registered PCOC Instructors. Please contact Deborah () to order the current iteration of the Boating Safety Tests.
*Please note that Instructors must sign and submit an agreement to destroy all old exams prior to new exams being sent. Any completed tests received for processing dated after January 1, 2014 on old tests will not be processed. Instructors will be required to retest students with the current tests.

Old Exams
With the implementation of new PCOC exams effective January 1, 2014, Transport Canada requires that all old PCOC exams be destroyed. As of January 1, 2014 all Sail Canada PCOC Instructors are required to destroy any old PCOC exams in their possession. There are no exceptions to this requirement. Click here to download agreement. Please return signed agreements to Deborah () at TruCash along with your next order.

All Sail Canada PCOC Instructors must be aware of these changes in order to continue offering PCOC Courses & Tests:

There are 3 unique tests each consisting of 50 questions. Tests will be valid until December 31, 2015 at which time 3 new unique exams will take effect. The passing mark is 75% (38 correct answers out of a possible 50). Transport Canada recommends allowing 60 to 90 minutes to write the exam. There are no youth exams. Along with the new exams there are new application forms and test answer sheets. New exams are in effect now; old exams are no longer valid and must be destroyed.

Quality Control System 
The Transport Canada issued Sail Canada PCOC boating safety tests are not to be electronically copied, transmitted, distributed, shared or posted  in any manner to any agent, affiliate, proctor, or any other instructor.

Pleasure Craft Operator Card Study Guide
Sail Canada and the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron have partnered to provide a co-branded manual addressing all 256 knowledge requirements; Boating Basics Handbook.
This manual is available to be ordered from TruCash () along with the new Boating Safety Tests & application forms.

PCOC Instructor Information

FAQs about the PCOC Program
Information about the new system.

Download and print out Credit Card Authorization Form     Word Doc Form PDF Form
This form must be completed and sent in before you are able to place an order.

January 2005 - CYA Pleasure Craft Operator Card Policy Annoucement

If the information you're looking for can't be found on these pages, contact Sail Canada or your provincial sailing association.

**Please note that if you do not receive an invoice from TruCash Rewards by the end of the month in which you sent in your PCOC student applications, please contact Deborah at Trucash Rewards, 1-800-624-6171, ext. 232.