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PCOC Instructor FAQs

New PCOC Test Information
New PCOC Exams take effect April 15th 2011. All CYA PCOC Instructors must be aware of these changes in order to continue offering PCOC Courses & Tests. Please be sure to review the information on the PCOC Instructor Information page.  
How do I order with the direct system?

In the direct system, you get to order directly from our supplier, TruCash Rewards. Be sure that your instructor fees for this year are paid for the current calendar year. Only current instructors will be able to purchase materials. Then complete and mail in the Visa or MasterCard authorization form (available for download by clicking here).

With the direct order systems, what do I send to process cards for my students?
 Instructors need to send in the top copy of answer sheet/application forms to the card fulfillment house. Keep one copy of the application form for your records. Give the last copy of the application for to the student as temporary proof until the card arrives. You also need to send the Card Processing Confirmation Form (you will receive this with materials purchased).

I heard police need the database to enforce these regulations.
No. No database is needed for enforcement. In an amendment as of January 23, 2003, police officers have the right to stop a vessel, ask to see suitable identification and can ask to see the operator's PCOC Card. Fines start at $250 for not having your card on board.

Are youth and child exams still available?

How can a student get a replacement card?
A form is available on the website for changes to card holder information. It may be processed by the Canadian Yachting Association with the card processing fee.

What if a student receives a card with an error on it?
The person may use the "changes to card holder information" form, or contact the CYA.