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CANSail Dinghy Programs

NCCP Maintenance of Certification
Starting in January 2014, NCCP requires all ‘Certified’ coaches to accumulate Professional Development points in order to maintain NCCP certification. Detailed information can be found here.
LTSD Online Module
All Sail Canada Dinghy Instructors & Coaches are required to complete this free online module in order to be eligible to register for 2013. Click here to complete the LTSD Module now!
Make Ethical Decisions - Online Evaluation
All CANSail Dinghy Instructors & Coaches who have completed the CANSail Fundamental Course are required to complete the Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation by logging into their Locker Profile. Please note that CANSail Instructors 1&2 and 3&4 must complete the Instruction stream, while CANSail 5&6 and Development Coaches must complete the development stream. Click here for detailed information on how to complete the module
CANSail Instructor & Coach Recertification
The CANSail Instructor & Coach Recertification Policy changed, effective July 1st 2010. Recertification for all CANSail Instructors & Coaches must be completed through a provincial sailing association. To review the updated Recertification Policy, please click here. The certification period for CANSail Dinghy Instructors and Coaches is 36-months to the end of the calendar year. For example if you completed your clinic in May 2011, your level would expire December 31st, 2014. LF / MLF Recertification Policy 
PCOC Instructors
Sail Canada was represented at the Canadian Marine Advisory Committee meetings in Ottawa on April 27th and are pleased to bring you up to date with the latest developments in regard to Pleasure Craft Operators Certificate. For more information please review the documents below.
Offshore Survival Training - ISAF Offshore Personal Survival Course
Keelboat / Power / Navigation Instructors
The certification period for all Keelboat, Power and Navigation Instructors levels is 36-months to the end of the calendar year. For example if you completed your clinic in May 2010, your level would expire December 31st, 2013.
Cruising Instructor Rules Study Aid - this document is aimed at Cruising Instructors to aid in studying for the Collision Regulations exam.
LTC/P Practices & Procedures Handbook - 2013 draft update is now available through the resource section of your Instructor Profile!
Learn to Cruise / Power Instructor Recertification:  
Cruising Panel Newsletters
From Transport Canada:
Sail Canada Instructor and Coach References:
*NOTE: The Instructor / Coach Policy Manual is currently under review, during this time it is available through the Resource section of Instructor & Coach online profiles.
Instructor Training Resources
Texts and tools developed for and supporting the delivery of training leading to Cruise / Power Certifications
ATTENTION ALL IEs: Theory tests are still a fundamental part of coach/instructor evaluations. The removal of theory testing from LTS/LTR lessons does not apply to Coach Development Programs (CDP). Please ensure that theory tests are completed and forwarded to your PSA along with the Candidate evaluation forms.