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Education & Training

Sail Canada can help you become a better-educated boater and a more skilled sailor. Boating knowledge and skills lead to:

· safety - yours and your crew's
· enhanced enjoyment of your sport or hobby
· confidence and a sense of accomplishment
· reduced maintenance costs through proper use of equipment
· insurance discounts.

As well, Canadian legislation requires operators of certain types of vessels to be licensed, according to a graduated licensing system. For details, see the link below to SPARK START - Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

With over 70 years of training experience, Sail Canada is Canada's premier on-water training organization. Click on one of these links for information about our courses and programs.

Click here to find a club in your area
Click here to find a camp in your area
Click here to find a school in your area

Click here to find ISAF Personal Survival Programming