Friday, September 06, 2013

Coaches, Sailors, Team Managers, Program Directors….

Sailing’s newest sail training tool - The PLAY BOOK - gives you

•             basic direction in brief text and colourful graphic that allows you to creatively build upon sail training drills

•             a WATERPROOF notebook

•             a Pocket sized for a go-anywhere break-out-anytime resource


No more soggy cheat sheets!


•             a source of tried and tested drills for many Elite Sailing Coaches

•             the inspiration and direction for Developing Coaches

•             a reference to support successful development in any sailing program


No more second guessing what the focus points are!

Here’s what Sail Canada’s High Performance Director has to say:

The PLAY BOOK is a must-have resource, whether you are a vastly experienced coach or in the infancy of your instructional/coaching career, a program leader or simply an interested participant. The drills are not revolutionary but they are the basis of what is required to create the desired foundation and ultimately to achieve performance at any and all levels in Sail Training.

Get yours ordered in time for your next training session!

Order from your Provincial Sailing Association or at store, or check with your favourite marine book and supply shop.

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