Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sail Canada launching Regional / National Judge Training Seminar in 2013!
To support the Sail Canada Judge Development program, the Sail Canada Judges Sub-Committee is pleased to be offering a Regional / National Judge Training Seminar to be delivered in the fall of 2013.
The seminar is designed to educate existing judges (Sail Canada Club certified or higher) wishing to progress to a higher level. This seminar is only one part of the requirements for certification to Regional or National Judge certification. Successful completion of the seminar accreditation is valid for 4 years. It is intended that once an individual successfully passes the test as part of seminar they would make an application to regional or national judge certification or re-certification.
Here are tentative details:
Where: The Greater Toronto Area
When: Early October, 2013 (October 5/6 or 12/13)
Seminar length: 18 hours (some meals will be provided)
Fee:  TBC - approximately $200
Delivered by:  3 International Judges
Any persons interested in attending this seminar are invited to let it be known by contacting the Judges Sub-Committee Chair through the Sail Canada office at . Expression of interest in the R/N Judges Seminar should include submission of Judging resume. Expressions of interest are being received now through April 5th 2013.
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