Thursday, July 11, 2013

Not-for Profit Corporations Act - Update for Members – request for contributions

Sail Canada is progressing well with the work plan for transition to the new Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.  Progress is detailed here.

The next phase of the plan invokes the "continuance process" - setting out articles of continuance (essentially the constitution of the corporation), having them approved by members and submitting them to Corporations Canada.  Sail Canada is also required to prepare new by-laws that are in compliance with the Act.

Timeline for this phase:
July-August 2013
•    Present first drafts of articles and bylaws for review by members (including rationale for changes to existing CYA bylaws)
•    Respond to questions and brief Provincial Sailing Associations
•    Update first draft of articles and bylaws
September 2013   
•    Present second draft of articles and bylaws as background for AGM (including rationale for changes to existing CYA bylaws)
October 2013   
•    Send Notice of Motion for bylaw changes to membership on October 1
•    Members vote on approval of updated Articles on October 27 in Montreal

Sail Canada’s Board of Directors are pleased to invite members and stakeholders to contribute to the NPCA transition process by providing feedback on the final draft of the articles of continuance and a draft of the new bylaws in advance of the October 2013 AGM.  Early engagement in the process will ensure that the changes in these two key governance documents will reflect the principles and perspectives of the membership.

The deadline for comments on the first drafts of the articles and bylaws is August 23, 2013. 

To make it easier to contribute, we have created a new Governance page on Sail Canada’s website (access by clicking here) which includes updates on progress, and other resources to help members understand and comment on the transition before voting at the 2013 AGM.

Member Clubs will be asked to vote on these changes at the 2013 AGM.

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